Innovation Plan

At ECA, innovation is defined as reimagining learning using modern technologies to resolve a need, solve a problem or improve an issue in a very unique way. Our innovation plan is developed to help us realize this definition through instruction and learning that encourages the idea of personalizing the learning experience for each student, moving away from teachers being the focus of the classroom experience, and capitalizing on new tools for accessing, processing, and presenting information created by advances in technology. We believe innovative practices in a school are key as we move forward. As Thomas Friedman states, “Average is not enough anymore!” Our innovation plan provides the pathway to take us beyond average.

This plan represents the guideposts, strategies, action plans, target dates, and measurements ECA will put in place to establish an innovation plan that clear states our conscious choice to promote ourselves as a leader in learning. This is our first formal innovation plan, and is built upon the framework of a two year rolling plan. As a rolling plan, it is reviewed annually, in June of each year. At the time of review, the upcoming two years are planned for, reflecting on what has been learned in the previous year. In this way, the plan is always “rolling forward” two years into the future, and sets an important foundation from which we can achieve greater clarity, focus, and meaningful results. The plan also reflects the enthusiasm, dedication, and participation needed to realize our mission and vision, in particular, the portion of our vision which states that “as professionals, ECA focuses on models of teaching and learning that encourage innovation and pioneering in key areas.”

At the core of the ECA innovation plan are four guideposts. These guideposts are the big concepts that permit us to achieve relevancy as we strive realize our innovation definition. At the same time, they emphasize our commitment and willingness to establish focus and a vehicle for accountability in attaining a mission that could otherwise be seen as lost in ambiguity. Each of our four guideposts is supported by specified strategies, measurements for success, actions, and target dates.

Guidepost #1 – ECA will be world leaders in the use of innovative and adaptive instructional strategies.
Guidepost #2 – ECA will leverage professional development resources to support innovative learning.
Guidepost #3 – ECA will be excellent at communicating the role of innovation in education and an awareness of its use at ECA.
Guidepost #4 – ECA will leverage our technology and infrastructure to support innovative learning.

Download the full ECA Innovation Plan.