Schoology Classwebs

ECA will be transitioning from Wikispaces to Schoology as our Learning Management System (LMS). The migration will happen throughout the 2014-2015 school year. Students may have to review both Schoology and Wikispaces until all their courses have completely been moved to Schoology.

With Schoology, parents will be able to use a single login to access grades, class content and a calendar of assignments and tests for each child. It will also allow for improved communication between parents, students and teachers in a secure and monitored area.

Schoology is different than Skyward Family Access. Grades and attendance will continue to be posted on Skyward Family Access. Schoology is designed to serve as our Blended and Virtual Learning platform while also allowing better access to learning materials and act as an extension of the classroom.

Student and Teacher Access

Parent Access


For access to the old Wikispaces , please navigate the tabs below by division.

Nursery – Marie Claire Sanz
Pre-Kinder – Gladys Alvarez | Lisseth Cedeño
Kindergarten – Karina Copland | Lisette Kopecky
1st Grade – Katheryne Ginaghlia | Mariana Morrill
2nd Grade – Anne Heil | LuAnn Sicard
3rd Grade – Mike Simpson | Marcela Velasquez
4th Grade – Daniel Hoard | Maya Monteroso
5th Grade – Sean Feller | Innes Isom

Guidance N-4 – Julie Allison
Guidance 5 – Stacia Taves
Spanish – Adriana Barreto | Maria Eugenia Rodriguez | Gabriela Velasquez
Music – Andy Litwiller | Brandon Miller
Art – Kirstin Hedger | Kiki Krijt
ELL – Revital Abadi | Carmen Furrer | Renate Matthies
Library – Kris Feller
Technology – Nadjib Aktouf
Physical Education – Leslie Atherholt | Mike Larios
Learning Support – Sandy Meunch | Carolina Arreaza
Student Council

The 2013/2014 Middle School Classwebs on Wikispaces



New teachers will have all their courses on Schoology.
Included below are Classwebs from the 2013-2014 academic year. 

Science: Heil Chemistry 10 | Heil IB Chemistry | Heathcote | Sullivan | Baier

Mathematics:  Plank | Nakai | Cokerdam

English: Holstein | McAdam | Barga | Stefanides

Modern Languages: Silva | Kissi | Teresa Gonzalez | Clara Gonzalez

Information Technology: Nakai | Russell

Social Studies: Cokerdam | Boulton | Cannon | Byck | Allison

Fine Arts: Fernandez | Schmitz | Miller | Eleftherakis

Physical Education: Pendelbury | Minasian