Community Education

Escuela Campo Alegre has a history of providing activities for the community. ECA students, parents, faculty and staff often spend early morning hours, evenings and weekends on campus enjoying the various facilities and programs that are offered each academic year.

As part of the Community Education network, we provide fee-based after school programs including soccer, ballet, karate, swimming, gymnastics, and music lessons for students. An “After School Activities” team coordinates and oversees these programs in order to provide structure and communication between parents, students and the instructors/coaches.

ECA parents are invited to attend classes that begin just after drop-off or just prior to pick-up times each day: Art, language classes, yoga, fitness training and Zumba instruction represent some of the available parent activities.

The weekly edition of the Campo News provides regular information updates. Emails about upcoming events and activities are sent via Skyward. The Campo News Events Information provides an overview of what’s new and helps to keep track of the operation of the facilities, the swimming pool, and available gym sessions. This information is available for all registered ECA community members.