Counseling and Guidance


The ECA Secondary School Counseling Office promotes the emotional, social and academic development of all students.  We believe in providing students with a safe, supportive, and trusting environment while acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to develop into contributing members of our local and international community. The counseling program supports ECA’s core mission by enhancing the learning process for all students through an integration of academic, career, personal/social and global perspective development. The Secondary Counselor interacts with all students in grades 6 to 12 and is supported by a learning support team and the Middle and High School Deans. When addressing the academic needs of students, the counselor collaborates with teachers regularly. Tutors are available on a referral basis when the need for such services arises. In addition, the counselor and learning support teachers work with students both individually and in groups encouraging their social/emotional growth and wellbeing.

College Counseling

ECA College Counseling provides US and International college-bound students, and parents, with the tools and information needed to successfully navigate the college admissions process. The Secondary Counselor also assists students in discovering college or university communities that will best serve their individual academic, career and personal interests emphasizing the importance of finding the best college “fit” for each student.The degree of college counseling increases and becomes more specialized as students advance through grades 9 – 12. College and career readiness activities include university representative virtual visits, mock interviews, guest speaker visits, financial aid and scholarship presentations. Communication with families is transmitted electronically via emails, the weekly ‘Secondary Campo Newsletter’, BridgeU, the ECA website, individual student/parent conference meetings, and group meetings with parents and students by grade level.

Sample Resources

*Additional information and resources are available in the Secondary School Counseling Office.