E-Portfolios at ECA

A Portfolio is a celebration of learning. It is a collection of work that shows student progress and development throughout the years. E-Portfolios are a more organized, cleaner, and greener way of creating and sharing student work.

E-Portfolios enable students to share their learning experiences with their friends, family, and the world. They allow students to reflect with peers, teachers and parents to identify strengths and growth. E-Portfolios provide evidence of student learning in a range of experiences and curriculum areas. Students will have ownership of their E-Portfolios and use it as a platform to showcase their learning. Parents will have the chance to be more involved with their child’s learning through real-time updates. Creating and maintaining E-Portfolios also leads to learning opportunities in digital citizenship and developing a digital footprint.

Parents: To learn more about the E-Portfolio (Nursery to Grade 9) initiative at ECA, contact your child’s teacher.

Faculty: Here are useful documents and resources for the E-Portfolio initiative.





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