ECA Community Online Marketplace

ECA provides and maintains a website devoted to the buying and selling of personal items. You must be a member to participate in this site. Membership is open to any ECA employee or parent in the ECA community.

How do I become a member?
To become a member, send an email to and identify yourself as a member of the ECA Community. You will be sent an invitation to join which you must accept. Once you have become a member, you may view items for sale and contact the seller directly to arrange the buy. You can also post items for sale on the site. We do not permit the use of ECA mail to send buying and selling information.

Who are the members?
The vast majority of the ECA employees and parents are members of the ECA Buy/Sell website.

What is ECA’s involvement?
ECA provides only the service and will not become involved in any way with any sale nor does ECA make any guarantee of the value or quality of any item. Buyer and Seller beware, all transactions are between the buyer and seller and at your own risk. We simply ask that items are valued at a fair price. ECA does reserve the right to remove any post or member who, in our opinion, abuses this service.