ECA Digital Subscriptions Catalog

Schoology has been set up by the school to provide you with day-to-day ongoing information.  This is the tool teachers use to communicate information about what is happening in class, assignments, homework, and upcoming class events.  Students and parents can use this to access homework assignments, work missed due to absences, and blended learning assignments in the event of special circumstances.

Skyward is our student information management system.  It is the business tool for the school and is used for student / parent / family information, report cards, attendance, billing, and other types of information.  It is also the medium used for direct communications from the school, and can be used for contacting school personnel.

SeeSaw Implemented in Elementary School, it is a digital portfolio that collects students’ digital and physical work in one place. Everything is organized, making assessment and conferences easier. It is also a space that each student can own, with built-in tools that make it easy for students to capture their learning, reflect and develop new skills. Finally it is a parent communication tool that seamlessly shares what’s going on in the classroom and builds a strong school-home community.

Learning A-Z – Provides leveled reading resources to differentiate instruction. For instance, you can assign all of your students the same short story, but you can adjust it so certain students would have a 100 word story and others a 150 word story (and the content would generally be the same!).

Raz-Kids Program within Reading A-Z platform that enhances learning with lesson plans, activity sheets, and quizzes that accompany each leveled book. It also allows teachers to track student progress with online, data-driven reports that show individual and class-wide activity and performance.

*Please note that we have a limited number of accounts that will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

TumbleBooks These online books include animated talking picture books, books in English and Spanish, read-alongs, non-fiction books and National Geographic Videos. (some interactive and learning differences support).  Tumble Tracker is available so teachers can track student activity.

Newsela Instructional content platform that uses news and other media articles to encourage reading and learning. You can assign recent (or archived) articles to students based on grade level, subject or common core standard. Write writing prompts (or annotations) into text. Includes lots of teacher resources (i.e. quizzes, tracks students performance/progress, etc).

EasyBib Intuitive information literacy platform that provides citation, note taking, and research tools that are easy-to-use. It students learn how to become effective and organized researchers.

Starfall Series of online educational games and phonics that promote reading and math.

BrainPop Engaging learning games, activities and animated movies.

Country Reports Provides online content on the cultures and countries around the world

ManageBac We use ManageBac in the Secondary School to run the CAS Program and Extended Essays for students in grades 11 and 12.

Hapara Teacher Dashboard is an educational platform that helps you manage Google Apps for Education. Teacher Dashboard takes everything that students are doing in their Google account, organizes it, and presents it back to you in a clear and easy-to-use format. Teacher Dashboard increases your access and ease of use, as well as your ability to interact, collaborate, manage, personalize, and differentiate learning.