HS Virtual Learning

ECA VIRTUAL LEARNING (For Emergency School Closures)

E-mail addresses

  • In the event of a school closure, notification will be posted on the ECA website (ecak12.com). If not posted, then school is not closed (yet!)
  • Teachers will review virtual learning procedures at the start of each term, and just prior to any planned virtual learning days
  • A parent chat on virtual learning will be held near the beginning of each school year
  • Surveys regarding virtual learning will be conducted following all school closures, providing an opportunity for parents and students to provide feedback

In the event of a school closure, below you will find the expectations for students and parents.

Students will:

  • Check all teacher wikis for classes they would normally be attending on the day of missed school (look for the link on teacher wikis titled “VIRTUAL LEARNING”); expect all wikis to be updated by 10:00 am and to receive an email from the teacher each time a wiki is updated
  • Email teachers with questions; responses can be expected during normal school hours
  • Complete all assigned work on a given day and be prepared to turn it in either online or in class by the deadline stated by the teacher
  • Establish an “internet” buddy in case their internet is not working at home
  • Expect that teachers will be accommodating to students in situations that are beyond their control

Parents will:

  • Monitor students; students in grades 9-10 should, on average, be spending 3.5-4.0 hours of focused working time for each school day missed while students in grades 11-12 should work no more than 5 hours [Note: If students are spending more than 5 hours of focused working time, we give you permission to tell them to stop!]
  • Communicate with teachers and/or the principal to provide feedback regarding distance learning days