National Junior Honor Society.

Students cannot apply for membership.

Membership is granted only to those students invited and selected by the faculty.


Selection Requirements:

  • Students who have been in the school the equivalent of one semester may be considered for membership.
  • The NJHS Faculty Council may waive this ruling for transfer students falling below one semester of attendance at ECA.  
  • The academic requirement set by the National Council is based on a student’s cumulative grade point average.  The minimum grade point average allowable is 3. 33 GPA.  
  • Students are also selected by a majority ruling on scholarship, leadership, service and character.

Application Process:

  • Students who have been in school an equivalent of one semester and who have a 3.33 Grade Point Average (GPA) based on First Semester Report Cards will receive an invitation letter via email.
  • Students may decline the invitation. However, if the student chooses to decline the invitation, they will not be asked to join again even if they meet the criteria for selection.
  • If the student accepts the invitation, they must complete and submit the National Junior Honor Society Application Form.

NJHS Meeting TimesRegular meetings year round during lunch/recess time.