NWEA MAP Workshop at ECA

Date: April 22 and 23, 2016
Cost: $300 for 2-day workshop with lunch included
Presenter: Brian May from NWEA

mapMAP – Informing Instruction and Focusing on Growth Workshop

Day 1: Informing Instruction will enable teachers and instructional leaders to dive deeper into classroom applications of MAP reports. Participants will learn to support differentiated instruction and meet the needs of every student through the use of flexible groupings and instructional ladders based on their MAP results. Participants will also practice with learning centers focused on the latest MAP instructional resources, including the new Learning Continuum, Khan Academy, and the RIT to Resource website.

Day 2: Focusing on Growth will help administrators and instructional leaders explore longitudinal growth to identify significant trends, strengths, and areas of concern. Participants will use this analysis to set goals at all levels (district, school, grade, class, and student) in order to support school or district improvement plans.

There are only 25 seats available. For more details and registration inquiries, please email Kristen Feren, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development, kristenf@ecak12.com