Our School

Escuela Campo Alegre is a private non-profit English language international school located in Caracas, Venezuela. ECA is divided into three divisions, each with its own principal, faculty and staff. The elementary school includes the early childhood programs of Nursery, Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten as well as grades 1st to 5th. Middle school is comprised of 6th, 7th and 8th grades. The high school has 9th grade to 12th. In the last two years of high school, students may also enroll in the International Baccalaureate diploma program.

Each division offers a carefully designed international school English language curriculum which promotes academic excellence for every child, based on the most current research on international school education from around the world, with individualized attention, a broad-based guidance program, personalized special academic programs, a complete sports program, a varied arts program and state-of-the-art science and tech labs that will help raise strong, enthusiastic, self-directed, ethical and responsible world citizens.

We invite you to visit our Elementary School, Middle School and High School websites