Student: Responsible Use Agreement

Technology at Escuela Campo Alegre [ECA] refers to electronic devices and network services provided by and used at ECA. The primary purpose of Technology at Escuela Campo Alegre is to support and enhance student learning. Although limited personal use is authorized, the primary use of your account must be in support of education and research and consistent with the ethos and curriculum of Escuela Campo Alegre.

The use of Technology at ECA is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use may result in a cancellation of those privileges. Based upon the terms and conditions, the systems administrators under the direction of the Director of Technology will determine inappropriate use. Your account may be closed at any time without warning if such use is determined. In addition, the ECA administration may request the system administrator to deny, revoke, or suspend specific user accounts.

PLEASE READ THE RESPONSIBLE USE AGREEMENT | After reading the agreement, please COMPLETE THE FORM (must be signed in to your ECA Google Apps Account)