At ECA, we believe in transformative learning with technology, designed to empower student voice and ensure that learning is a student-driven process. We embrace the hybrid learning model known as Blended Learning. which seamlessly integrates in-classroom instruction with virtual learning. We employ multiple platforms to blend with traditional classroom, a few examples are: Schoology, Freckle, Raz-Kids, Hapara, etc.

Classrooms in nursery through third grade have in-classroom access to  iPads and Chromebooks. Classes in third through fifth grade have Chromebooks. Classes in grades 6 to  12 are on a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program. In addition we have:

    • Modern library and media center
    • Technology centers for each division
    • Robotics, electronics and programming
    • 3D printing, Modeling, and Augmented Reality
    • Campus-wide WIFI
    • Interactive white boards, display projectors, and speakers

At ECA, how we use technology is part of the school’s mission and code of conduct.