Welcome to the HS

Dr. AllisonIt is my pleasure to welcome each of you to Escuela Campo Alegre’s high school and to the school year 2014-15. Our high school is a community where students and adults are productive, a place where everyone is safe to explore and to grow as learners and individuals. While what happens in the classroom is paramount, at ECA education extends well beyond the normal school day. ECA high school students are young scholars, care-givers, athletes, thespians, musicians and artists.

Our high school is relatively small with approximately 180 students and 30 faculty members. Relationships are crucial. Day-to-day it is all about knowing and being known. Students know they are valued individuals. They know that adults at the school care about them. There are many connections in the high school. In addition, teachers know they are valued. Their professionalism is respected and nurtured. It is a school free of educational jargon, gimmicks and fads.

Academically, ECA offers an American high school diploma in English that is accredited by AdvancED and CIS. The high school is well-established and offers a highly successful International Baccalaureate program (IB) that serves as a university entrance qualification in more than seventy countries. Full IB Diploma recipients regularly receive advance standing or placement at U.S. and Canadian universities. The high school also offers a variety of IB Certificates that non-IB diploma students may earn for individual courses. Graduates are well-prepared to attend the finest universities worldwide.

Of course, only a suggestion of the true essence of the high school can be conveyed through words and pictures. I invite you to come to campus to observe the flow of daily life. In addition, if I can assist you in any way this year, please contact me directly by phone, email, or stop by to visit.


Dr. Robert Allison
High School Principal